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7th July


This Job Meetup if for Job Seekers Professionals & Freshers.


Date:  7th July, Sunday

Venue: Connaught Place, L Block, Delhi


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How this Job Meetup will help you?

Joklar Jobs works in a decentralized method. We showcase your profile directly to Companies and we make sure that you can as well see companies.

  • Get Assistance in updating profile
  • Get Direct Access to Job Openings
  • Internship opportunities for Starters
  • Work opportunities for Experienced professionals
  • Meet Experts who will update and Optimize your Profile
  • Meet Experts who will guide you on New Career Opportunities
  • Meet Experts who will also assist you in Jobs Abroad
  • Meet Personality Development Experts
  • Learn How to Crack Interviews
  • Free Assistance by Career Counselling Experts
  • And All of this is Free of charge


Please note that we do hold Interviews on Job Event Dates. This event is organized to filter profiles for companies-client and line the candidates for future jobs


This Event is useful for those:

1. Looking For Job Change

2. Planning a New Career

3. Looking to work abroad and requires counseling in Education.


Recruiters & Job Seekers Helpline :  

Contact No.:- 7291893353 or Email -


1. Entry to Job Event is through prior Registration and Approval only

2. Register Now for the Event from below tab

3. Entry is Free for Registered Users

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