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Cyber Defamation

Cyber Defamation Forum | Cyber defamation Lawyers Guide

                                           Cyber Defamation Lawyers

Cyber Defamation law is a section of law which deals with false statement spoken against a person to ruin one’s reputation with the use of blogs, media, internet, and computers.


How to deal with cyber defamation?

This false statement which can be spoken or written too can abide by a true statement which might be a fact against that statement. This can have varied effects on the person facing defamation:

  • The very first step to lodge a complaint under the cyber crime investigation cell.

  • To look for a lawyer who can handle the case of defamation with righteous knowledge.

  • Knowledge of facts is a must to resolve the defamation, so both the lawyer and the person defamed should have the knowledge of the facts and truth about the statements involved.

How does defamation affect the person or the company?


  • Defamation can have lasting effects on a person or a company as it tends to destroy the reputation in the society.

  • It can have devastating effects on people emotionally and physically, they might suffer through health problems like insomnia, depression etc.

  • For businesses, it can create negative publicity resulting in the decline of the engagements

  • People are affected so much that they tend to harm themselves committing suicides.

Resolution for Defamation

Are you struggling under the pressure of defamation, are you misguided regarding cyber defamation, don’t have much knowledge about defamation?

Don't worry!

  • the Central Government of India has initiated vital Acts to resolve the cyber defamation cases.

  • The Indian Penal Code provides a lot of provision dealing with frauds of cyber defamation.

  • imprisonment is given to the culprit  from 6 months to 5 years

  • Penalties are charged against the offender starting from thousands to crores.

For the further concerns and counseling, you’re most welcome to take guidance from our forum :

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Cyber Defamation lawyers are lawyers who are engaged in legal services like litigation and drafting lawsuits with the inclusion of cyber activities, defamation law comes under civil practices.

A defamation lawyer can work under defamation law and other practices. He/she should have a good command in negotiation and verbal interchange.

One should always look for a lawyer who is experienced and masters the command of negotiation. One should be professional in finding

evidence as the defamation cases is resolved based on facts so the lawyer must be aware of the strategies to be used to find facts for the case.

We will help you in finding the defamation lawyer who has the best knowledge of the strategies and facts to resolve the case.