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Are you searching for a legal advisor who can help you to come out of the charge? You should search for a criminal lawyer who can work with the best knowledge and understanding to solve the case.


Firstly, you have to understand who is the right criminal lawyer to solve your case depending on the type of charges :


  1. What happens if the offence is a low-level offence like, small thefts, traffic felony, you should consider a lawyer who is experienced in dealing in such cases.

  2. What happens if the offence is of a high-level offence like murder, rape assault and dealing with drugs, you should look for a lawyer who has an experience and knowledge to handle such cases.


Criminal offences are not so easy to scrap out while looking for a legal advisor or lawyer you should see the following key qualities :



  • He/she should study and investigate your case properly.

  • He/she should interview the witnesses personally.

  • He/she should have the skill of negotiation.

  • He/she should able to argue to file the appeals.

  • He/she should defend you and plan a strategy to solve your case.

  • You should hire experienced lawyers based on the level or intensity of the crime.

The procedure to be followed while being accused of a charge :



  • Right to information of the crime for which the person is being accused of.

  • The constitution provides protection for the person accused, he should be present before 24 hours to the nearest magistrate.

  • The person should be entitled to consult and be defended by a legal advisor.

  • The accused should be informed about the arrest and the right to bail.