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Business Meetup

                                                     BUSINESS MEETUP

2019 Business Meetup for Professionals, Startups, established small or Big Business Entrepreneurs to join, collaborate and expand.


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Hosted by Joklar India.


6th July '19, Saturday at 4:00 PM

Venue:- L-29, AWFIS, Delhi, Connaught Place

Tollfree No.:- 9606046951

Whats App No.:- 8929152628


What is Joklar 2019 Business Meetup About?

At this event get connected with Professionals, Business Owners, and startups. Joklar will help to solve challenges related to Business Leads, Expansions, Startup Business, Marketing Problems and white labeling. Share ideas, search and go through new business models, enhance your business models, improve your business strategies and execute the same in projects for prosperous development.

1.Start Business ideas

  • What kind of business idea is the right idea to start?
  • Get business ideas For starting your own small business
  • How to find the passionate & high-quality audience that is ready to buy?
  • How to scale up your business?
  • How to create a business model & business marketing plan?
  • Raise money form venture investor.


2. Meet & Expand Your Business Horizons

You can tie-up with diverse companies under the same roof, promote and grow your business in different sectors of the economy. Business tie-ups or collaborations are of great significance, especially for new companies or startups.

3. Partnership with Affiliates & Networks

These events are like fairs where not only individuals but companies can too connect with freelance and affiliates to expand their network and properly grow with multiple segments of their business.

4. Scaleup

If you have problems in scaling up your business, then this event is the right place to conquer the problem. Meet people who want to scale up their businesses in an open friendly atmosphere and learn from others.

5. Leads For Business

Here you can meet industry specialist who can help you in finding real-high quality leads. The key problem is to find high-quality leads, a specialist can solve in :

  1. How and where to buy quality leads.

  2. To differentiate between Quality and fake leads.

6. Tools & Softwares for Business Growth

If you don’t have knowledge of tools and software which can help in boosting your business then this is the right place where you polish yourself with the help of multiple tools and software for business growth.

7. Cross Organisations Communications

You get the opportunity to communicate with multiple companies and business owners and learn through challenges by talking to them and sharing multiple ideas on the same table.

8. Power of social media

The social media act as a booster to promote your business through multiple portals and social media platforms, wherein you relate to various companies and link with them through their portals.

9. Meet & Join Startups

Startups are unique entities with distinctive ideas and firmly establishing under uncertain conditions. They have creative ideas and have a tendency to follow their passion. A startup is a great platform to learn and improve your key skills. When you join a startup you tend to perform different tasks and work as a multitasker getting experience of every sort.

10. Hire Resources

Hiring resources is a great challenge for a business entity, coming to a meetup, you get a chance to discover various resources that can be hired on the same platform.

11. Join International Businesses

Through meetups, you can connect with multiple companies not only the companies based in India but companies who are based outside and tend to outsource their work. You have the chance to work with them and build a network out of your sphere of life.

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