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Top Hadoop training institute in delhi

Best Hadoop Institute Delhi

Looking for best Hadoop Institute in Delhi, below are the details of  Top Hadoop/Bigdata course training institutes of Delhi

What is Hadoop?

Managing data can not only be done on databases. Hadoop is an open-source software-based ecosystem that helps in managing data in a clustered network.

It has programming models which help in processing big data with a parallel distributed algorithm on a cluster. It works within modules that are designed to work when hardware failures are likely to happen which can be automatically handled within the framework.

It has enhanced the way data was computed because of its time-efficient property.

Normally when data is computed, it takes around 18-20 hours for the processing but on Hadoop, it takes only 3 mins for the processing of data as it has been spread across clustered of a network, working parallel.


It has 3 major components, namely:

  1. HDFS ( Hadoop Distributed Filesystem) - it is a storage system that works in layers for the storage of big data files running on the cluster of a network.

  2. MapReduce - it’s the second step HDFS, where a big volume of data modeled in a parallel set of dependent tasks. There should be a business logic behind how MapReduce works, rest all can be done by the framework.

  3. YARN (Yet Another Resource Negotiator) - it is a combination of different data processing engines. From the scheduling of data to graphing, streaming and interactive processing of data stored in HDFS.

Importance of Hadoop:

Hadoop has made processing, changing and manipulation of data easier in very less time.

The basic features of Hadoop are :

  • Availability of data.

  • Distribution of data.

  • Scalability of data.

  • Reliability of data.

  • Replication of data.

  • The flexibility of data.

  • economical.

  • Fault tolerance.

  • Data locality

  • Easy to use.

Hadoop institutes in Delhi

  1. Mapping minds is an online institute started in 2009. it’s an online institute with multiple programs and courses available on it website. It has started providing training on Hadoop in 2016 with courses like    HADOOP ADMIN, HADOOP DEVELOPER and HADOOP ALL IN ONE.


  • It’s a 24x7 platform that enables the users to engage in their courses anytime needed.

  • They provide practical classes with case studies.

  • They provide lifetime portal access.


  • As it is provided with multiple programs and courses, so it may not have the experience that one online institute has with a single oriented course or program. 

    2. Madrid software training: its an institute with a vast no. of courses available on its website related to    Hadoop, machine learning, data science, java, etc. it has started with IT courses in 2013 and provided training for Hadoop in 2014. Since then it has been training people on big data Hadoop.


  • They have classes designed for all types of students from different backgrounds.

  • They stress on giving practical training.

  • They design assignments in a way that it helps in revising classroom studies.


  • It has multiple courses that make it not so appropriate institute as it focuses relies on many programs and not on a single course.

     3. Dexlab analytics - This institute started in 2015 working online as well as offline with courses like Big data, SAS, R and Ms. Excel VBA. They also provide online training on data science certification, Ms-Excel certification, and varied other courses. A big data Hadoop certification course was initiated in 2016.


  • They provide students with live job updates.

  • They give expert guidance on resume building as its first impression sets the foot in professional life.

  • They help students in practicing to crack the interview.


  • Age of the institute matters when it comes to enrolling oneself, it is a new institute it may not have that much experience or knowledge that other old institutions have about the course.

  • It’s not a single course oriented institute so it may not have deep knowledge about one single course as it has to look out for other courses too.