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Digital marketing Course

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There have been numerous digital marketing institutes that started up in Delhi due to the advancement of technology and the digitalization of products. Product digitalization is basically marketing the product that is used to be sold in the market and is now being sold online. People around the world can buy and sell products with just a single click. Marketing a product is not an easy task if you don’t know how to make that product ready to be sold online.

Digital marketing courses are now being offered in a variety of institutes. People from different sectors are now getting interested in digital marketing as this will be the future for selling and buying of products and services.


Professionals Companies


International Accreditation Council for Research and Training

 4.5 (99 Recommendations) 

IACRT is the leading institute for digital marketing. IACRT provides training on basic and advanced digital marketing courses.

 ★  4.9 (109 Recommendations) 

Kangaroo wings is the leading digital marketing institute in Noida in which our trainers will give you the best knowledge on basic and advanced digital marketing concepts.

Online Marketing courses and Training 

 4.2 ( 31 Recommendation  ) 

Digital marketing is the best and popular way to increase online sales of the business. We provide online marketing services in Noida. We have a team of experts who polish your skills and knowledge.

Digital Marketing Training Course

★ 4.7 ( 80 Recommendation  ) 

We are a google certified digital marketing institute that offers the best online marketing training in Noida. We provide online as well as offline sessions and give guidance on digital marketing strategies and the latest technologies.


Digital Marketing training and Institute

★ 3.9 (45 Recommendation) 

We are the leading digital marketing institute in Noida. We offer the best curriculum that includes Seo, digital marketing, social media marketing etc. Our training includes planning and implementing the impact of strategies based on the latest digital marketing techniques.


★ 4.3 (53 Recommendation) 

IFTDM is the leading Digital Marketing Institute in Noida that provide the digital marketing course at a reasonable cost and with 100% job assistance. Our training provides the basic & advances course version theoretically and practically.

Digital Edge

 4.7 (87 Recommendation) 

We are the Best Institute of Digital Marketing in Noida with 100% Job assistance with Google certification by just a single click. Career-oriented training is provided along with the 2 days advance workshop on Digital Marketing.


Insider Academy is the best Digital digital marketing Training institute in Noida. It is the place where you learn digital marketing of advanced level for generating leads for any business & or educational institutes. Digital marketing is on the Boom Nowadays.

Digital Marketing has changed the way the business operates:

  1. Quick communication: the Internet is a platform that has changed the way of communication. Instant communication has led consumers and producers to connect with each other.
  2. Overloaded Content: Marketers use social platforms to cut their work by posting their products on social media to be noticed by the masses.
  3. Knowledge about the customers: Technology has enabled business operators to know about the type of customers they are targeting which helps to focus on how the company will succeed.
  4. Content: having content which is customer friendly and relevant, valuable for the product and to gain the attention of the audiences easily.
  5. Demand transparency: it is the best feature of digital marketing where the consumer can fulfill his demand by searching the products available according to his needs.


The ideal digital marketing institutes are the one which provides the students with:

The institutes which offer courses for digital marketing in Delhi NCT have to be recognized and should provide students with the advanced methods and techniques.

  • The best choice for the courses offered: One should be concerned with a type, of course, it is, whether it is a diploma or a degree course.

  • Faculty and prospectus: faculty is a major concern to choose an institute and the curriculum they are providing.

  • Certification: the institute should provide a certificate at the ending of the course.

  • Placements: Placement opportunities and institutional tie-ups should be looked for before admitting to an institution.

The institutes should not be chosen are the one which provides:

  1. Thousands of courses under one single roof, such type of institutes are generally never focused on giving the best knowledge on a single course as they are more concerned with money-making.

  2. No certification provided, if the institute is not offering a certificate at the end of the course then it is not a good institute to be enrolled in. Make sure they are providing certificates by Google, Facebook, etc.

  3. The age of the institute, never to choose an institute which is new or has been recently started as it does not provide the best knowledge about the courses.


Here is a brief introduction of what the digital marketing course is all about:

Digital marketing is a strategic way to address brands and help them communicate in the digitalizing world. It deals with the following methods:

-         SEO (Search Engine Optimization): it is the method of getting traffic from free/organic search engines. It is a process to optimize the website to rank high on the browser.

-         SMM (Social Media Marketing): it Is a mobile-friendly service which helps in providing communication of producers and consumers through social media like Facebook, Linkedin.

-         Content Writing- it is a strategic way to give the information about the product in a way to make it valuable, relevant and consistent to attract the audience.

-         Email marketing – it is a way to communicate and stay connected with the clients through emails. It is efficient to target the markets easily and quickly.

-         Mobile marketing – is also used as a medium to target clients through the use of various mobile platforms like Android, IOS, etc.

-         SMS marketing – it's again very similar to email marketing which can be for the same purpose and very much time-efficient.

-         PPC( Pay Per Click): it’s an internet marketing technique that is paid per click. The basic calculation to sum up Pay per click is the cost of advertising divided by the no. of times the ads clicked.

-         Google Adsense: it is a program initiated and run by Google to work as a mediator between a publisher and website owner. It’s a way to earn revenue.

-         Affiliate marketing: it’s a way of advertising based on performance where one receives commissions on promoting someone else’s product on their websites.


Digital marketing is not only concerned with tangible goods but also intangible goods are now being commoditized online.

Intangible goods are mainly – travel, insurance, repair consulting, education, healthcare, etc. are services provided offline being offered online.  The services can be tried and tested in advance.


Importance of Digital Marketing.

Why there is a need for digitalization of products and services? Why people are relying more on online products and services? It’s because of the internet, which is setting its trend around the world. In this overgrowing fast world where technology changes with the speed of light and to keep up with the advancements of the world one should upgrade itself with the online mode rather than sticking to the offline culture.

For example, earlier markets were being operated offline then the leads were generated online.

Now every single person is using the internet, relying on google for every next thing, therefore, it’s a necessity to change the way the business operates.

Digital marketing is a basic necessity now as all the things are being commoditized online. Commoditization of not only products and services but also commercial services or the way to connect with the world is just a button click away.

The Internet has made it much easier to regulate business:

  • within much less time.

  • More efficiency.

  • Less paperwork.

  • The easy way of transactions.

  • Firm and reliable bonding within a firm and outside.

  • Easier to share and connect with business operators.

The Best online institutes available are:


1. Simplilearn.com is an online institute that has started 2013 with PMP management. 2016 it has started digital marketing certification courses. It provides the course Digital Marketing Certified Associates which includes all the relevant marketing courses like SEO, marketing analytics, etc.



  • It has all the popular courses which come under digital marketing.

  • As it is an online institute, its time-efficient as one need not go to a particular place and can sit back enjoy the virtual classes at home.

  • It offers webinars, articles, videos, and e-books under the free resource category.



  • It has been initiated with management courses like PMP, ITIL and very later started up with digital marketing so it may not have experience dealing with digital marketing.
  • It generates its revenue by providing an online marketplace to learners where it provides the courses of different institutes.
  • It’s not a single course oriented online institute as it provides multiple courses which makes it a not so “good choice” from the list of the institutes.

2. Manipalprolearn.com is an online portal initiated in 2015 with multiple programs related to Android App Development, ITIL foundation courses and also started with Digital Marketing Professional courses since 2016.



  • It gives classes through video lectures, training material, case studies, subject matter experts and online practice sessions.

  • It has partnerships with Google, PEOPLECERT and other famous companies.

  • The classes are instructor-led or online classroom-based.


  •    It is also a multi-program online institute not attached to only digital marketing.

  •    It is a new online institute as it is recently started 3 years back.


3. HI-AIM is an offline institute located in South Delhi running for 4 years .it offers only SEO training with guaranteed job assurance.



  • It has flexible timings, they give weekend classes to students already enrolled in school and colleges.

  • It has the best placement job record with most of the digital marketing companies.


  • They only give SEO training.