Job Vacancy for Social Media Executive - Freeloader Professional Social Media Expert

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Location: New Delhi

We are Freeloader & we have a job vacancy for Social Media Executive who can face challenges which is coming on their way.


Candidate have to develop & assist the implementation of actionable strategies on FB, twitter, youtube, LinkedIn & other social media platforms

Candidate has to work closely with graphic designer for executing the social media creative.

Monitoring competitive & trends

Candidate has to established social media strategy & brand voice

Skills & Exp

Bachelors degree in Public Relations, Comm, Marketing or related field

Minimum 2 years of Exp

vast Knowledge of social media ins & outs of all relevant platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, twitter, etc

hardworking, self-motivated

Address: IInd - IIIrd Floor, Building No. 1, Hauz Khas Vill

City: Delhi

Pincode: 110016

Contact Details

9818848485, 01141059981

Additional Details

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